Our Project

“Get to know, understand and respect,in other words how to avoid being tantalised by stereotypes and prejudices ”


The main  aim of the project is to teach  acceptance for otherness, being  opposed to stereotypes and prejudices.  Racism,  anti-Semitism, national chauvinism, lack of tolerance towards other cultures, religions and appearance are the transparent phenomena in many countries

in almost every society.  Such attitudes must be opposed especially when they  appear in young age.  We will get to know and accustom to otherness  and  through this  we  will understand and respect it.   In our project we want to promote the idea of tolerance through numerous activities such as thematic lessons, cultural days devoted to specific national minority, drama, presentations, performances, exhibitions etc. During the international exchange  our  students will meet their peers from other countries,  living in different cultures and sharing different customs  and  traditions.  Such meetings will bear fruit  as  broader knowledge and awareness  and  maybe even as a friendship. Thanks to cooperation we are building multicultural Europe, open to another man and free of segregations, prejudices and hatred.