13th - 17th November 2012

13th - 17th November 2012, meeting in Turkey - The first meeting was held in Sakarya - Turkey among three schools. In These meetings the aim of the project were discussed, the details, and the dates of the following meetings were determined.

The loge of the project was chosen amang the works of three schools' students. Acording to the title of our project we had some visit around Sakarya.

04th - 08th February 2013

04th - 08th February 2013 meeting was held in Poland. Schools presented their works about "tolorance" and the dates and details of next meeting in Germany were arranged.


15th - 20th February 2013

15th - 20th February 2013 meeting in Germany. The third meeting was held in Wallenharst, Germany. As the title of this meeting was "together in Europe" students made various workshops at school. they also presented their own works to each other.